Advancing new project delivery models that reduce waste, adding value, and optimize project results

Modular Strategy Redefines Health System Projects

Advocate Aurora Health-Christ Medical Center

Advancing Standardization with Design

Focused on advancing new project delivery models that reduce waste, add value, and optimize project results, Advocate Aurora Health — one of the largest and most progressive health systems in the country — is enhancing efficiency through standardization and modularization of key building components.

Previously, Advocate Aurora Health-Christ Medical Center teamed up with our strategic design partner, CannonDesign, to create consistent design standards for patient rooms, exam rooms, operating rooms and other repetitive spaces. This standardization helped ensure consistency in quality, a reduction in consulting and design fees, and accelerated project delivery — all extremely important as Advocate Aurora Health unveiled its $1 billion capital investment program. Building on this, the design standards were leveraged to modularize patient bathrooms and exam rooms for enhanced predictability, prefabrication and easy installation.

To date,  405 modular rooms have been fabricated— 122 exam rooms and 283 patient bathrooms. Together, these modular rooms have helped reduce overall project schedules by 15-20%, truck deliveries by nearly 70%, and time sensitive costs by up to 12%. Additionally to date, they have worked almost 60,000 hours without any incidents. Based on the success of these modular units, Advocate Aurora Health-Christ Medical Center is now exploring opportunities for employing modular inpatient rooms in future construction projects.


60K work hours without safety incidents

12% reduction in time sensitive costs

Up to a 20% reduction in project schedule

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