Innovative Studios Enhance Student Living Experience at University of Utah

Transforming Student Living Environments

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Sleeping pods

When the University of Utah’s Lassonde Studios turned to us to create a first-of-its-kind residence for student entrepreneurs, we developed a modular sleeping pod concept aimed at making innovation a 24/7 endeavor. The custom-designed modular sleeping pods represent an entirely new kind of living space that merges student housing and an entrepreneurial garage. The prototype pod we developed is 7’ x 7’ and incorporates all the furniture found in a standard single dorm room — including demountable book shelves, a full-sized bed, nightstand, closet, medicine cabinet and full-length mirror — all in a well-designed layout that is simultaneously compact and comfortable.


The pods were designed to be located within the entrepreneurial garage, ensuring students were always just feet away from the tools and resources needed for innovation. Although Lassonde Studios ultimately decided to construct fixed dorm rooms, we created a series of full-size pod mockups to test dimensions and ergonomics for the modular pods, as well as developed a virtual reality experience that let users walk into the mockup and experience the space as it was intended to be built and furnished.

  • Designed to be built from interlocking CNC-cut plywood, with a fiberglass outer shell, and hookups that plug into air conditioning, electricity and water connections.
  • Each pod has its own individual climate control, access to daylight and can be blocked with a privacy curtain.
  • The units can be moved around if required with a pallet jack or container dolly.


Ranked as one of the 9 best University buildings around the world

More than quintupled the number of student start up teams since opening

Named best new development by Student Housing

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