Guiding STEM Students to Create Homeless Housing Solutions

In the spring of 2017, the Paramount Unified School District launched an ambitious undertaking: to reimagine high school. The High School Promise Initiative sparked a district-wide renewed commitment to more equitably prepare students for the demands and opportunities of college, career, and life in the 21st century, which led to Odyssey STEM Academy in Lakewood, CA.

For the past month, Josh Mensinger has had the privilege of engaging 11th & 12th grade scholars at Odyssey—Katie Felix, Douglas Rivas, Kyle Thompson and Kevin Tobar—to work to use 3D Design and create homeless housing solutions. The scholars recognize the design and speed advantages of ModularDesign+, and have been working to educate themselves on the design solutions to integrate with their 3D software.

 Their ambitious and noble goal is to pitch these housing units as a solution to the County of Los Angeles and get units built and people housed as soon as possible. Additionally, the scholars have gained a passion for the industry and see themselves developing this into their own business one day. The scholars are advancing the generational American Dream of owning a “brick and mortar” home to a “sustainable and printable” home.

Shout out to Katie, Douglas, Kyle and Kevin for their diligence in sparking new vision in the housing market and living up to the Paramount Unified School District’s idea of “reimagining” the status quo.