Josh Mensinger Joins ModularDesign+ as Vice President of Business Development

We are excited to share Josh Mensinger has joined ModularDesign+ as its new Vice President of Business Development.

In this role, Josh will fuel ModularDesign+ growth and build exciting new client relationships across diverse industries. He will amplify our ability to help organizations seeking innovative approaches to real estate delivery through modular solutions that accelerate project timelines, reduce cost, and achieve high-quality solutions.

“Josh is a dynamic leader and a perfect fit for our organization,” said Sean Studzinski, President of Strategic Initiatives at ModularDesign+. “The momentum behind modular design and delivery grows stronger each day. Josh can work with organizations to articulate the benefits of this approach and then calibrate it to their specific projects and culture for remarkable results.”

Josh brings nearly 15 years of business development and sales experience to Modular Design, having worked for an array of project delivery and product manufacturing companies.

“The opportunities for modular design and construction to help organizations reach their goals, or goals they hadn’t even anticipated, is incredible,” said Josh. “I’m so excited to join ModularDesign+ and help them bring exciting change to real estate design and delivery.”

ModularDesign+ is a national alliance of leading-edge design, fabrication, product engineering, construction and development partners from across North America, focused on delivering prefabricated, modular building solutions that can be fully customized to meet specific client goals.

The company has helped numerous clients in different industries to date. Most recently, the company was selected to help LA County create its new breakthrough restorative care villages to help those with mental health or homelesness challenges. In each instance, the company’s modular solutions prove they can achieve substantial cost savings, accelerated speed-to-market and revenue capture, reduced risk, and more predictable final outcomes.