Cross Market

Customizable solutions for prefabricated construction and commercial modular buildings in any market.

Modular solutions can be applied to multiple challenges

Customized solutions for any market

Leveraging modular design is about the building solution, not necessarily the market our clients serve.   Design and construction challenges remain the same regardless of the application. The difference with ModularDesign+ is that we will customize to meet each of our clients specific need.

Our solutions cross all industries where standardization and predictability provide cost savings while bringing unique brands and design concepts to life.  A prime example of this, is the movement towards modular hotel rooms.  Already popular in Europe, the US is experiencing increasing interest in its use with some hotel chains, already implementing system wide modular strategies.

ModularDesign+ is interested in exploring your organizations strategic needs and discussing how our already successful solutions can be applied.


Cross Market Products

Sleeping Pods

Bathroom Pods

Universal Grid

Lactation Pods

$21 Million Cost Savings

Gates Vascular Institute

Reduction in time to market
Reduction per square foot