Our modular classroom and higher education solutions have been ranked as some of the best university buildings around the world.

Create a unique student experience while reducing costs

Reduce the strain on capital investments

Higher education institutions are continuing to face an increasingly competitive market in attempts to attract and retain high quality students and faculty.  However, the ongoing strain on capital investments including declining federal and state funding conflicts with the need to improve facilities that help universities compete such as unique resident dormitories,  impactful faculty offices and other campus infrastructure upgrades.

Customized modular design represents a powerful solution that can address the need to reduce costs while still being innovative in a way that can creates a unique student and brand experience.

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Student Residence

Innovative Studios Enhance Student Living Experience at University of Utah

Quintupled Student Start Up Teams

University of Utah Lassonde Studios

Ranked as one of the 9 best University buildings around the world
More than quadrupled the number of student start up teams since opening
Named best new development by Student Housing