ModularDesign+ is committed to educating architects, engineers and building owners about prefabrication and modular construction.

Lunch & Learn/ AIA Accreditation / LinkedIn Learning

As part of our commitment as an industry leader we provide educational lunch & learns, presentations, and seminars to present and discuss prefabrication and modular construction. Our AIA accredited presentations also help architects earn their required learning units (LU).

Upcoming Conferences & Engagements

ModularDesign+ is often requested to speak at Universities Construction Management and Architecture and Engineering schools. We also participate on panel discussions at many national conferences. There a lot of things to consider ensuring a successful session for your attendees. ModularDesign+ breaks away from the norm to shake up the engagement and panel discussions taking generations of design and fabrication experience into prefabrication and modular commercial construction. People call on us year after year because we’re concise, educational, engaging, and conscious who are audiences are to address their questions not our agendas. Since our proposition is Not Modular Products but Modular Projects, our time with you will be the same. We’ll address best practices from design to installation for modular projects, not force a certain product.