Non-Structural Modular

We create non-combustible, non-structural modular units across all market industry sectors. Whether your superstructure is structural steel, concrete, or even CLT, we can provide a unique modular solution for kitchens, bathrooms, exam rooms, residence halls and more. Like our other modular offerings, these units provide a compressed project timeline and allow projects to get to market faster without sacrificing quality. Our solution brings together all the required trades in our factory environment, lessening delays and the rework typically experienced on site.

All of our modular units allow for required building codes to be strictly followed. These units arrive on-site with open walls to allow easy access for site electrical, mechanical and plumbing component inspections. Furthermore, our units have simple final connections through waste, mechanical, water and electrical to decrease field installation requirements. Because reworking details defeats the purpose of prefabrication, you will want to bring us under a Design Assist early. Our Revit models take your unique design and convert it to modular models to be dropped directly into the overall building model.