Structural Volumetric Modular


Structural Volumetric Modular

  • Can be fully fitted out and shipped to site
  • Modules are stacked vertically up to 12 stories
  • These units become the structure for the building and don’t require additional support
  • Can accommodate balconies and exterior cladding

Structural volumetric projects can be 20-50% faster than projects delivered with traditional construction methods*. Our structural volumetric modular units are fully fitted out in our facilities and shipped to the site to be stacked vertically much like our favorite toy bricks. Our hybrid HSS tube steel and load-bearing light gauge units can currently go up to 12 stories, and even better, they can bypass the critical path of concrete pours between floors

Once delivered on-site, the units are hoisted into place where they are connected structurally, along with other MEP connections. Depending on how far you want to go with maximizing efficiency, we can even provide components like balconies and exterior cladding with window install. 

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