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Our prefabricated construction and modular engineering systems create resiliency and operational effectiveness.

Prefabricated solutions create consistency and connection even in complex situations

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Our prefabrication solutions include everything from offsite VAVs, ductwork, piping, rooftop units, and mechanical racks.

Partnering with CannonDesign, we offer TrusPlanX™ Structure, a newly patented platform that standardizes four components within the structural system: column, truss, filler truss and floor plank.

Prefabricated solutions create consistency and connection even in complex situations

TrusPlanX™ Structure - An Innovative Multistory Building Structural System

TrusPlanX™ Structure,  divides each column bay into nine areas to form the basic module of floor framing. This means one column, one main truss, two-filler trusses and two floor planks for the entire project. With fewer variations in structural components, this standardized approach transforms manufacturing and erecting into a simple repetition, most cost-effective and productive process.

In building construction, particularly in commercial and institutional multi-story buildings, the common structural systems are cast-in-place concrete and steel framing with composite decking. Precast planks have been used in structural systems, but with cast-in-place concrete toppings. The TrusPlanX Structure is a complete departure from traditional structural systems. Some key features of TrusPlanX Structure include:

  • A pre-fabricated, easy-to-erect and highly adjustable structural system
  • Standardized framing
  • Steel trusses with easy ductwork passages that can be pre-assembled MEP in-plant
  • Less deflections with installing concrete planks
  • A deconstructable and reusable system

All TrusPlanX Structure components are manufactured within the plant. There is no on-site concrete pour for either super-structure or slab on grade. The steel framing and concrete floor planks are easy to erect and highly adjustable. Concrete planks can be adjusted to required levelness, thus eliminating the need for cast-on-site concrete topping and greatly shortening field construction time. There is no field welding: all field connections are bolted.

Accelerate time and reduce costs while creating building marvals

Universal Grid

Given the constant reality of rapid change, organizations should focus on real estate that can evolve and adapt to maximize long-term ROI. Before our team launched ModularDesign+, team members advanced the Universal Grid – an optimum set of vertical and horizontal dimensions for a building’s structural bay – that championed efficient and modular design. From this fundamental building block – vetted for engineering soundness and construction efficiency – health and research facilities can accommodate a wide range of potential uses.

Moreover, facilities leveraging the Universal Grid can reduce the typical 10-18 month span from facility planning to groundbreaking by up to 80%. The resulting speed-to-market has proven effective for organizations intent on quickly seizing new market coverage or responding to changing care models.

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