What We Do

Modular Fabrication

Modular fabrication and commercial build processes that are almost entirely completed offsite.

Expanded Product Offerings

We can now create a wide variety of modular and prefabricated units for buildings of nearly any building type. Most of these units fall within one of these four product lines:

Cutting time, saving money

Prefabricated Non-Load Bearing Knockdown Wall Kits

In typical construction, a carpenter reads a set of plans and then builds out a wall piece-by-piece on site. Our light gauge wall kits radically transform that process (light gauge is thin steel framing). Light gauge metal studs and deflection track (what the studs are fastened to) are cut to length and bundled up off-site with a corresponding layout number on the floor plans—very similar to how Ikea furniture is bundled up. When the wall kits are delivered to the job site, the carpenter has every piece needed to build that wall cut to length—completing a wall in about ¼ the time of conventional methods.

Reducing typical construction time by 50%

Prefab Load Bearing Walls and Floor Systems

The non-load bearing product works in an environment where there is a superstructure like concrete or steel in place. When that’s not the case, we harness light gauge steel to create the superstructure. For the right project with the right floor layouts, we can go 12-stories vertical by using compressed load-bearing panelized walls. Taking this approach allows us to install approximately 15,000 sf of panelized walls and floor systems in only two weeks with 15 installers. That’s half the amount of time with half the amount of carpenters traditional construction methods take.

Consistent and efficient

Non-Structural Bathroom or Exam Room Cassette Units

These volumetric units are fully finished units with flooring, MEP hookups, insulation & drywall, and even fixed furniture and equipment installed inside the room. The units are then shipped to a job site and hoisted into a superstructure like concrete or steel.

Going vertical, fast

Structural Stackable Modular Units

These are volumetric units as well, but they actually form the superstructure of a project. This scenario allows us to bypass the critical path of a concrete pour and go vertical very fast. The modular boxes are made up of a hybrid HSS structural steel and load-bearing light gauge modular unit. The unit is then finished out and hoisted into place, stacking one unit on top of another unit much like an erector set.