What We Do

Modular Fabrication

Modular fabrication and commercial build processes that are almost entirely completed offsite.

Putting it Together

Our build process includes the preparation and prefabrication of both interior and exterior materials that are used to complete off-site and on-site production

Modular Exterior Panels

Prefabricated Universal Skin

Flexible skin accommodates a variety of materials to create aesthetic flexibility but remain modular.

Exterior wall fabrication accommodates interior finish, data, power and mechanical distribution.

Offsite Wall Production in 24 hours

Modular Wall Fabrication

Our interior process includes offsite prefabrication of wall framing structure, insulation, doors, openings, glazing, plumbing chases, power drops, and finishes.

Who we serve

Owners & Developers

ModularDesign+ addresses the challenges facing owners today

Design Professionals

Standardization with customization

GCs & Trade Partners

Our solutions engage our partners much sooner in the process decreasing construction scheduling and increasing safety production methods