What We Do

Modular Installation

Modular building construction improves scheduling and reduces worker incidents while leveraging labor more effectively.

It's not magic - it's math

Moving work off-site reduces the competition between trades for space and time, helping expedite the construction schedule.

Materials and Labor

Waste Reduction

Calculation of materials can be much more precise with prefabrication, reducing the amount of material purchased as well as waste thrown into landfills. Labor waste is also reduced by cutting down on the amount of walking on-site to find tools, for example.

67% Reduction in Truck Deliveries

Equipment Planning & Logistics Services

Our team will help facilitate equipment and delivery scheduling to reduce site congestion and confusion – resulting in safer and more effective implementation.

Why is prefabrication of increasing interest in projects today?

Who we serve

Owners & Developers

ModularDesign+ addresses the challenges facing owners today

Design Professionals

Standardization with customization

GCs & Trade Partners

Our solutions engage our partners much sooner in the process decreasing construction scheduling and increasing safety production methods